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Cake Family

Mr. and Mrs. Cake:
Has a daughter and a son. The two still are working in the family business but less as they are growing old. And due to that, they decided Pumpkin Cake will take care of the family business in the future.

Pumpkin Cake:
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cake and the twin sister of Pound Cake. She is such a hardworking mare that her parents have decided that she would be the one that would take care of the family business after they retire. Pumpkin is best friends with Flurry Heart. Whenever they hang out, they would do best friends . . . stuff. That would include trying new magic spells while her brother, Pound Cake, is their lab rat. And as much as Pumpkin loves hanging out with Flurry, she is tired of Flurry's obsession with Pound Cake.

Pound Cake:
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Cake and the twin brother of Pumpkin Cake. Pound Cake, of course, helps out the family business but not as often as Pumpkin as he is interested in other things. The guys call him the "Pounder" because of the many mares that are attracted to him. One of the mares that is extremely attracted to him is his close friend, Flurry Heart. (As in Princess Flurry Heart. As in somepony who is totally over his league) Sadly, like the rest of the mares, he has no clue.

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