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Systole: "So you will not BUH-lieve who visited my shop early this morning! Mrs. Lys and….wait for it…Mr. Toity!! SCANDELOOOOOOUUUUSSSS!!! Even after all these years married with children, they continue this affair! The rest of Canterlot is certain they’re just good professional friends but I know they’ve duped the world about the nature of their longstanding liaisons!"


Systole is sweet but LOVES gossiping. He’s very intuitive which he uses to be nosy! 
And poor Petit Choux. His AU brother is far too chatty for his own good! He seems okay about this, however…

Petit Choux belongs to Vindhov
This isn’t an art trade so please don’t harass poor Vindy!
I just wanted to draw them something. Also, I was going to draw inkwell…but then I didn’t  
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