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Oh, poor Swibbles. Your sleepover with Pipsqueak over there went just the teeniest bit overboard with the snacks and sweets last night, didn't it? Not the most pleasant surprise in the morning, is it, kiddo? The little marshmallow filly is now somewhat literally a marshmallow. Thankfully for her, Pip has the good sense to not poke fun. Good on you, little man.

This was also the last time Rarity let Sweetie pick out the dinner options for her sleepovers for the next, oh, ten years? Ice cream, Twizzlers, and Twinkies do not a good meal make.

Pajamas are adorable and I need more pones in them.
safe (1522008) artist:tahublade7 (406) pipsqueak (2665) sweetie belle (45695) anthro (218846) earth pony (179190) plantigrade anthro (25028) unicorn (242660) 3d (58038) barefoot (23158) bathroom (1650) blushing (167586) chubbie belle (22) chubby (12159) clothes (387295) daz studio (658) door (3396) feet (32736) female (846171) floppy ears (44726) implied weight gain (105) male (288071) mirror (4438) pants (11120) scales (799) shirt (19518) sweetie belle is a marshmallow too (73) weight woe (16)


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With the few that say they won't use the saying they won't allow males to join females in the washroom when the case sweetie belle was considering not allowing pipsqueak to pick out snacks for the next sleepover. As she was on the scale to get her weight when those wonder if some of his thoughts was how much she was to weigh without her boxer shorts or even her panties.
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