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Airponies: 3
Pilot crew: 4
Gunners: 2
Range: 400
Accuracy: 50
Reload: 10
Hull Strength: 600
Speed: 15
Morale: 50
Squadron Size: 10 airships

Description: The vertibuck is a pegasi adaption and development of what was otherwise once upon a time earth pony air toys. While small air-borne craft have existed for some time in Equestria – gyroscopes, hot air balloons – they have very limiting combat capability and were never dreamed of being deployed. That is, until the Vertibuck was developed. Born out of pegasi-pulled chariots and wagons the Vertibuck is a powered lift vehicle using and augmenting the wing power of a pair of pegasi in out-board flight cages. Enclosed in heavy armor, the vertibuck can withstand small arms fire and possess an uncanny maneuverability for its weight. It can be equipped and modified with a number of different weapons and can even carry ground units between locations on the field. Likewise because of their armor and weapons capabilities they provide easy evacuation options for stranded or wounded units and can be used to salvage compromised ponies.

Produced from: Skyport, Cloud Factory
Special Ability: Can transport ground based units, air evac heavily damaged units (removes from battle, but not from the army)
Requirements: Airship Doctrine, Ministries, Celestial Abdication (Event), Heavy Air Industry


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