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When the day is said and done, the time comes for the King and Queen to lay their foal to rest. Galaxia retrieves a book from the shelf and proceeds to read a few pages as her husband nuzzles his colt with his muzzle. Tommy of course happily returns the loving gesture, wrapping his small arms around his father's muzzle. The herd is altogether as the candle lights the room dimly, father and mother and son together.

This piece had been made by the amazing CactusCowboyDan: www.deviantart.com/cactuscowbo…
safe1750048 artist:cactuscowboydan111 oc711688 oc:king speedy hooves303 oc:queen galaxia334 oc:tommy the human499 alicorn232826 human158928 pony1010098 alicorn oc27614 bedroom10924 bedsheets980 bedtime story93 blanket5523 book34496 candle4905 commissioner:bigonionbean2057 curtains2054 cutie mark49696 family4559 father and son946 female1401512 fusion5377 fusion:king speedy hooves304 fusion:queen galaxia277 herd134 hug29129 human oc616 husband and wife1597 love5149 magic75372 male387884 mother and father67 mother and son3102 muzzle471 pillow18649 pony sized pony154 royal family90 tired3244 unshorn fetlocks27142


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