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How to wake a sleeping pegasus.
safe (1430364)artist:cold blight (106)oc (525753)oc:cold blight (25)oc only (364460)human (130869)pegasus (188391)pony (699039)beanbrows (400)behaving like a dog (1098)belly button (59734)bellyrubs (1000)blue background (3039)blushing (153969)body freckles (666)chest fluff (25799)cute (148809)ear freckles (239)eyebrows (1837)eyes closed (68036)female (761037)floppy ears (41354)freckles (20546)grin (28078)hand (6800)heart (37899)human on pony petting (67)lip bite (9234)mare (335845)ocbetes (3317)on back (19995)petting (1488)scratching (432)simple background (291124)sleeping (19240)smiling (183430)solo focus (12412)spoken heart (36)spread wings (41069)waking up (626)wing fluff (1244)wings (53169)

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