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Shimmer as an Epic Gamer™ Girl™
suggestive (113345)artist:jargon scott (1724)sci-twi (18851)sunset shimmer (50770)twilight sparkle (260991)equestria girls (160044)equestria girls series (23958)game stream (487)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8535):> (304)annoyed (4341)black and white (9682)breasts (204248)cleavage (27377)controller (915)dialogue (50763)female (762050)frown (19641)game controller (321)gamer sunset (352)glare (7587)grayscale (31292)headphones (5913)headset (1067)horse pussy (70)lineart (14293)microphone (3909)monochrome (134613)open mouth (104503)photo (66513)simple background (291452)solo (877515)text (40728)unamused (11339)white background (72374)


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Background Pony #0E6F
"What can I say, Sunset? Some people are real animals."

"… But while we’re on the subject of animal people…"
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