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Shimmer as an Epic Gamer™ Girl™
suggestive129366 artist:jargon scott2148 sci-twi22356 sunset shimmer58258 twilight sparkle284667 equestria girls182066 equestria girls series28791 game stream551 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11880 :>321 annoyed5107 black and white12184 breasts243088 cleavage31010 controller2039 dialogue60993 female919045 frown21822 gamer sunset456 glare8076 grayscale36169 headphones6841 headset1457 horse pussy77 lineart19291 microphone4518 monochrome148247 open mouth124861 photo71538 simple background349482 solo981504 text51752 unamused13990 white background88385


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Background Pony #3E37
"What can I say, Sunset? Some people are real animals."

"… But while we're on the subject of animal people…"
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