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Title: A Cute Batty!

Rendered at 3840x2160 w/ 256 DOF Samples

Just something I put together within an hour and turned out to be adorable af

Note: This is only the Bat Ponified version of my OC, The Original will be uploaded soon.

safe (1462360)artist:phoenixtm (110)oc (542121)oc:delta firedash (46)alicorn (170920)bat pony (37252)pony (727452)robot (6266)robot pony (2724)3d (53274)alicorn oc (18739)bat ponified (1672)bat pony oc (10825)cute (154763)ethereal mane (5050)ethereal tail (37)happy (24759)race swap (11340)shiny robot horse (2)smiling (189169)solo (896822)source filmmaker (31864)spread wings (42193)weapons-grade cute (2792)wings (56251)


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