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cheng weng hoe
they forget all this, a story "siege of the crystal empire" this is secret comic book!

reformed sombra his skills are different:Statue fossil and umbrum smoke
king sombra in the show season 3 more dark crystal and umbrum smoke
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LettucePai59's avatar

Emily Hall
Tbh, I loved Sombra and Radiant Hope. I can understand somewhat why people don’t like that story arch in the comics, but to me, Sombra had more depth in it, and I could relate to Radiant Hope’s naivety and loyalty (a fault and a strength of mine, respectfully).
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Background Pony #D329
Fixing comic Sombra while also erasing mary sue oc named Hope? I had no reason to say it in the last few seasons but thank you show writers.
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@Broken Adam
mastered Alicorn Magic

Unless I missed something it was never confirmed there was a connection between alicorn magic and dark magic.

Comics sombra was a kid throwing a hissy fit about being adopted

Except, amongst several other details, Sombra was never adopted.
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Comments48 comments posted