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safe (1425489)artist:dawnfire (472)smolder (5004)spike (68182)dragon (37388)baby (7618)baby dragon (1058)claws (3852)cute (147898)dragoness (5420)female (756992)friends (470)hug (22551)male (256704)one eye closed (20286)one eye open (74)open mouth (103822)shipping (164018)shipping fuel (1290)simple background (289917)smiling (182565)smolderbetes (336)spikabetes (1459)spolder (193)straight (109143)sweet dreams fuel (543)white background (71927)wink (18611)


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@Background Pony #C608
I think that would be my second choice – my first choice would be for them to treat each other like siblings, so Smolder is the big (dragon) sister Spike never had, and by that same token, Spike is the little brother Smolder never had.
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Comments28 comments posted