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safe1599586 artist:dawnfire817 smolder6983 spike75050 dragon49711 baby9795 baby dragon1295 claws4623 cute183448 dragoness7029 female1272262 friends557 friendshipping451 hug25795 male338217 one eye closed26542 one eye open96 open mouth127351 shipping186154 shipping fuel1448 simple background354130 smiling220921 smolderbetes1082 spikabetes1874 spolder319 straight126156 sweet dreams fuel854 white background88608 wink22345


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Jonny Manz
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I am who I am
@Background Pony #C608
I think that would be my second choice — my first choice would be for them to treat each other like siblings, so Smolder is the big (dragon) sister Spike never had, and by that same token, Spike is the little brother Smolder never had.