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Artist's comment:

I love these two soooo much XD
You have no idea.

Anyways, today we had a snow day, so I decided to incorporate ponies into the chaos.
I think I still have snow in my shirt. Oh well!

Uploader's comment:
This is the original of which >>1977173 is a redraw. Absurd res/ludicrous file size at source — too big for DB, and too borked to edit.
safe1704758 artist:ruthietammy9 starlight glimmer48607 trixie67431 pony965962 unicorn322546 blushing197333 boom headshot24 cheek fluff5544 cheek squish887 chest fluff39060 clothes458993 cute199524 derp6790 ear fluff29494 eyes closed93332 faic12326 female1361505 fluffy14237 frown22841 glimmerbetes3830 glowing horn19614 hat86695 hoof fluff1759 horseshoes2204 laughing7986 leg fluff3026 levitation12101 lidded eyes30651 magic73193 majestic as fuck1276 mare479756 nose wrinkle2999 one eye closed30630 open mouth145475 raised hoof45555 red nosed410 scarf23229 shoulder fluff1807 smiling247802 snow13772 snowball486 snowball fight310 snowfall4462 squishy cheeks2384 telekinesis27690 throwing518 tree32197 trixie's hat4598 underhoof52033 unshorn fetlocks25456 wink24692


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