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Ocellus, like all changelings, feeds on love. Typically they go for the love that ponies have between each other, although gushing about something you love will do in a pinch. It's tasty and filling if nothing else- it's like the Changeling equivalent of ramen noodles.


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Maybe it's a joke.
I don't know 'bout no changeling diets or nothin'. But I do know that Ocellus is real cute when she's gettin' sassified.
Background Pony #36CD
the reform changeling a dont need to feed like , but to feed like normal! the none reform a hungry all the time and is never end! no mader if eat a apple is will not feed them full! eat 20 apple and the changeling will still hungry but the reform changerling , eat 20 apple and he/she will be full! so who got the live style? the reform or the none reform?
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I'll admit when I made this, I thought that the way the new changelings worked was that they fed off of love passively from those around them, rather than having to forcibly drain it out of others.

le grand rêveur
I believe ocellus has a problem … the new Changeling no longer do this? … 0o0
No, actually it’s for this. She’s not reforming, that’s why thorax sent her to intensive school at Twilight.