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Twiligh t getting a fat hit off a bong

Here’s twilight hitting a phat doink:
safe (1430168)artist:unoriginai (632)spike (68608)twilight sparkle (260701)alicorn (163803)anthro (200792)classical unicorn (3455)unguligrade anthro (37396)unicorn (203663)alternate hairstyle (21291)blushing (153940)bong (352)breasts (203830)chest (442)chest fluff (25795)cloven hooves (7392)colored wings (4141)cute (148779)cutie mark (33940)drugs (2023)drug use (213)ear fluff (17850)ear piercing (16900)earring (14363)featureless breasts (1907)female (760841)fire (8682)hoof hands (131)implied lesbian (2532)implied shipping (3572)implied twilestia (136)jewelry (39153)leonine tail (5865)lighter (190)long tail (1645)marijuana (980)multicolored wings (1735)piercing (28425)rainbow power (2490)rainbow wings (344)simple background (291095)solo (876625)tail feathers (663)transparent background (151987)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102242)unshorn fetlocks (18631)


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