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61 comments posted
Background Pony #3E26
@Background Pony #DEBA
It would be the best thing to happen in the show. Equestria needs an alicorn ruler like Starlight. She’d be more reliable then what we’ve seen from Twi9and the Mane 6 this season.
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Background Pony #3E26
@Red Pill Man
Only if you ignore the fact her so called friend has put her in danger on purpose countless times. Sorry, but Fluttercord is not a healthy relationship. It’s on the same level as those relationships where one beats the other yet she still thinks she can change them.
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Background Pony #F160
@Red Pill Man
That’s true, I wouldnt mind if they become full fledged canon in the show because it WORKS. Alot of people of all ages ship them to. It’s weird they make canon couples but they have no backstory for them or like build up between them like discord and fluttershy do
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Red Pill Man's avatar
Red Pill Man
Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl

@Siarnaq (Model P)
Honestly Discord and Fluttershy is the only chemistry in the wholoe show that works. Even canon couples like ShininCadance or SugarMac aren’t as wholesome as their development throughout S2-S8 (from enemies to closest friends)
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genervt's avatar
Wallet After Summer Sale

@Background Pony #DEBA
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Siarnaq (Model P)'s avatar
Siarnaq (Model P)
Sonic/Furry Trash
@Background Pony #A886
Yes, I kinda did. They’re all boring as fuck, and Discord especifically, oh man, Discord…
Sorry folks, I don’t like him one bit. Never cared about him way back at season 2, or his "redemption/reformation" during season 3, his antagonic behavior and careless persona in season 4, but season 5 threw his already "debatably good" character off a hill for good, and any chance for me to accept him as "good guy" or his "relationship" with Flutters went with it as well. I couldn’t care less about his aparences in season 6 or season 7, in fact, I kinda dropped the show midway through S6, but I did watch the finale though (save my thoughts on in for another time).

Tl;Dr : I don’t like Discord, nor his relationship with Fluttershy (or with any other character for that matter), but if Fluttercord does indded become canon…there’s nothing I can do but be upset about it and just accept it, after all, this massive trainwreck of show is finally coming to an end, I couldn’t be more happier.
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Comments61 comments posted