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"It’s Spring Break, and all the students are off. Smolder was planning on spending the break teaching Spike(who has become kinda a little brother her) dragon activities and eat gems till school started again. But, Silverstream had other plans, she explains that Novo given her niece the okay to invite all her friends to Seaquestria for Spring Break. Smolder, learning about Spike’s transformation, wants NOTHING to do with Seaquestria, and politely refuses, but Silverstream would not take no for an answer. Knowing dragons can’t resist competition, she challenges Smolder to a wager, long story short, Silversteam not only surivies, she thrives in the Dragonlands. Smolder feared this was going to be the worst time of her life, but thankfully since she was older and much taller than Spike, she avoided being turned into a puffer-fish and instead became a tiger shark"

The Seaquestrian Six: 

Silverstream: Seapony
Sandbar: Seapony
Gallus: Barracuda 
Smolder: Tiger Shark 
Ocellus: Seal (Transformed by the pearl, so she cannot transform anymore until she is turned back) 
Yona: Walrus

Commissioned by TRAJANTHEGREAT

(Please don’t re-post it without permission of the commissioner) 
safe (1443687)artist:chedx (233)barry (47)gallus (4633)ocellus (3643)sandbar (3912)silverstream (4353)smolder (5219)spike (69377)terramar (555)twilight sparkle (263237)yona (3768)alicorn (167077)barracuda (4)changedling (6015)changeling (33160)classical hippogriff (3902)dragon (38956)earth pony (153377)fish (1925)griffon (21644)hippogriff (6871)pony (711743)puffer fish (219)seal (152)seapony (g4) (3277)shark (1141)walrus (45)yak (3210)comic:the weekend wager (29)my little pony: the movie (16689)season 8 (786)spoiler:s08 (741)absurd resolution (61592)bet (68)bow (19742)cloven hooves (7515)comic (90852)commission (41421)dragoness (5579)dragon lands (205)fan comic (17)fear (796)female (773577)fishified (84)gallus the barracuda (3)hair bow (10606)male (262465)ocellus the seal (2)pearl (283)seaponified (1762)seapony sandbar (6)seaquestria (213)smolder the tiger shark (4)species swap (15985)spike the pufferfish (185)student six (1247)tiger shark (4)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (103850)winged spike (5772)yona the walrus (2)


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Smolder’s lucky she’s taller and older than Spike, so she avoided the Puffer-Fish fate. Ocellus makes a cute seal, FWI.
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Monde de merde
Most likely.
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The pearl turns the hippogriffs, which are half bird and half horse, into seaponies, which are half horse and half fish.

Griffons are half bird and half cat.

So, shouldn’t Gallus become


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