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"It's Spring Break, and all the students are off. Smolder was planning on spending the break teaching Spike(who has become kinda a little brother her) dragon activities and eat gems till school started again. But, Silverstream had other plans, she explains that Novo given her niece the okay to invite all her friends to Seaquestria for Spring Break. Smolder, learning about Spike's transformation, wants NOTHING to do with Seaquestria, and politely refuses, but Silverstream would not take no for an answer. Knowing dragons can't resist competition, she challenges Smolder to a wager, long story short, Silversteam not only surivies, she thrives in the Dragonlands. Smolder feared this was going to be the worst time of her life, but thankfully since she was older and much taller than Spike, she avoided being turned into a puffer-fish and instead became a tiger shark"

The Seaquestrian Six:

Silverstream: Seapony
Sandbar: Seapony
Gallus: Barracuda
Smolder: Tiger Shark
Ocellus: Seal (Transformed by the pearl, so she cannot transform anymore until she is turned back)
Yona: Walrus

Commissioned by TRAJANTHEGREAT

(Please don't re-post it without permission of the commissioner)
safe1613283 artist:chedx353 barry54 gallus6151 ocellus4844 sandbar5015 silverstream5633 smolder7145 spike75645 terramar697 twilight sparkle287937 yona4718 alicorn205552 barracuda4 changedling7666 changeling42832 classical hippogriff4632 dragon50751 earth pony215169 fish2246 griffon25036 hippogriff8768 pony880914 puffer fish247 seal165 seapony (g4)3828 shark1669 tiger shark7 walrus44 yak4235 comic:the weekend wager29 my little pony: the movie18260 season 8813 spoiler:s08772 absurd resolution64226 bet77 bow25741 cloven hooves9159 comic103173 commission58264 dragon lands258 dragoness7201 fan comic21 fear944 female1283849 fishified91 gallus the barracuda3 hair bow14120 male342955 ocellus the seal2 pearl324 seaponified1995 seapony sandbar8 seaquestria250 smolder the tiger shark4 species swap17986 spike the pufferfish206 student six1497 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118219 winged spike7816 yona the walrus2


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Background Pony #FA3B
Smolder's lucky she's taller and older than Spike, so she avoided the Puffer-Fish fate. Ocellus makes a cute seal, FWI.
Wallet After Summer Sale -


The pearl turns the hippogriffs, which are half bird and half horse, into seaponies, which are half horse and half fish.

Griffons are half bird and half cat.

So, shouldn't Gallus become