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Aaaaand Twi
safe (1429815)artist:sonofaskywalker (182)edit (99229)edited screencap (44365)editor:lolledits (26)screencap (174855)trixie (56090)twilight sparkle (260634)alicorn (163714)pony (698553)unicorn (203566)all bottled up (1179)animated (84799)balancing (854)ballerina (789)ballet (372)ballet slippers (218)bipedal (27032)clothes (355899)cute (148671)diatrixes (2335)eyes closed (68004)female (760565)gif (23979)glowing horn (13616)grin (28062)i can't believe it's not superedit (78)magic (57548)mare (335586)music box (168)open mouth (104301)smiling (183304)spinning (753)spread wings (41028)talking (3525)teacup (2260)that pony sure does love teacups (266)tutu (909)twilarina (290)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102180)wat (17582)wide eyes (14312)wings (53097)

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