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Aaaaand Twi
safe1688609 artist:sonofaskywalker211 edit130411 edited screencap63958 editor:lolledits32 screencap219968 trixie66841 twilight sparkle298229 alicorn221063 pony950329 unicorn315738 all bottled up1421 animated97679 balancing996 ballerina986 ballet490 ballet slippers324 bipedal33739 clothes453030 cute197217 diatrixes3085 eyes closed91409 female1346641 gif30472 glowing horn19258 grin37600 i can't believe it's not superedit80 magic72339 mare472253 music box181 open mouth142163 smiling243279 spinning899 spread wings53709 talking5443 teacup2870 that pony sure does love teacups296 tutu1085 twilarina331 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122874 wat19140 wide eyes16901 wings103686


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