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Aaaaand Twi
safe1769498 artist:sonofaskywalker218 edit137968 edited screencap68829 editor:lolledits33 screencap231394 trixie69186 twilight sparkle308389 alicorn236060 pony1029501 unicorn350375 all bottled up1468 animated101887 balancing1030 ballerina1028 ballet506 ballet slippers336 bipedal36831 clothes482547 cute207959 diatrixes3239 eyes closed99933 female1418224 gif32641 glowing horn20936 grin41904 i can't believe it's not superedit81 magic76357 mare510833 music box185 open mouth158095 smiling266608 spinning955 spread wings58144 talking6383 teacup3031 that pony sure does love teacups300 tutu1134 twilarina347 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127132 wat19593 wide eyes17538 wings126726


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