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Just a little something semi-related to one of my cats that ran away in the -45C cold and came back one month later.
dead source20830 safe1616193 artist:dsp2003749 bon bon15679 lyra heartstrings28426 sweetie drops15680 pony883995 unicorn285446 bon bon is not amused1014 comic103358 cross-popping veins1447 cute186332 exclamation point3462 female1286527 interrobang900 irrational exuberance610 l.u.l.s.122 lyrabetes1257 mare439659 no ears17 offscreen character31206 open mouth129946 question mark4168 silly7127 silly pony2879 single panel389 smiling224620 unamused14636 why2444


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Go fsck yourself
It only works to an extent, though. Any more than a deep slice, you need to stop by Rarity's for a thread and needle first, then grab duct tape from the hardware store.

Or just dip the loose part in the mirror pool. That shit's pretty good, too. :3