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Sunset is Best Girl
@Dortigaunt the Invincible

I think it’s clear at this point that you’re not interested in a conversation because you keep using the word debate.

Believe what you will I was merely trying to have a conversation with somebody who might have had an interest in finding a middle ground.

I consider EQG cannon because there are very blatant moments of overlap and places in the timeline where they fit with the show.

I consider both main lines of comics to not be canon because in more than one instance they have contradicted the show, as well as contradicting the first episode.

Individuals are free to consider anything to be canon or not canon as they wish. That doesn’t change what is blatantly obvious and observable about the franchise.

As a final note, and further evidence to you merely stating your position and not considering my own, there is more evidence to suggest that the species of the EQG universe is not human then there is to suggest that they are human.

Over the years large swaths of individuals have use the designation of human as a simple shortcut because nobody actually wants to do the work to separate out the differences between what qualifies as a pony, what qualifies as a human, and what possibly of the EQG girls could be.

In any case hope you enjoy the last season and any other media that the 4th generation is going to put out.
Dortigaunt the Invincible

I'm not sure why you decided to mention all of that,I honestly don't know what relevance it has to our debate here.But I'm glad you mentioned the comics,because they're in the same category that EQG is;that is to say spin-off series.If EQG IS actual canon,then what about the comics?Are they not as legitimate as the human-verse is?What if someone doesn't consider EQG canon,but does consider the comics to be?What about the reverse scenario?What about a scenario where someone doesn't consider either to be canon?What then?
The main show works independently from EQG and the comics,it nevers references,mentions,or has universal tie-ins with either medias.It is its own seperate universe,completely functioning just fine without attaching itself to either media.This is why I don't recognize the comics or EQG as canon,just Hasbro liscenced fan-fiction.

Sunset is Best Girl
@Dortigaunt the Invincible

So from your perspective every single conversation surrounding the subject matter is trying to force a narrative? Also if that was you who originally posted the comment I am a little bit surprised you decided not to continue this Anonymously.

If you want to consider this to be a debate that’s fine. I don’t, I consider this to be a simple conversation, and a pleasantly civil one. In fact I would compliment you on that being that neither of us have insulted or cursed at each other.


That’s not an entirely unfair comparison but the difference between Star Wars and the 4th iteration of MLP is time as well as a significantly more diverse amount of content.

The totality of content that Gen 4 consists of is, 2 Comic Titles from 1 Publisher plus mini series’, 4 lines of chapter books from 1 publisher, maybe a dozen larger picture books, 1 Theatrical Movie, 8 years of animated media from 1 studio, maybe 5 mobile games, and lastly collectible cards, dog tags, toys, dolls, large figures, and educational books. (May have missed a few products)

Star Wars, Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, these are all properties that span vastly a wider time periods and vastly wider release of products.

Wasn’t sure where to fit this in, but that’s a common misconception. Writers, animators none of them have any ownership over the IP that they work on. Not even Lauren Faust owned the IP. At best she owned the design and the look of the world and characters. But the names of the characters and the name ‘My Little Pony’ has always been owned by Hasbro as a corporation.

This comment is going on far too long already, but there’s a difference between owning specific works, like an single book, and owning and IP that has it’s own stocks and value in an international company.
Dortigaunt the Invincible

Arrogance does not equal "anything I don't agree with".Also,when story writers retcon their own IPs are they being arrogant or self-serving?

"But when there are clear lines separating different types of products in an IP and people consistently ignore them. That’s where you get to a point where you’re acting on a very self serving and close minded perspective."
Tell that to Metroid and Star Wars fans.There have been pieces of those medias that fans absolutely hate and don't consider worthy of acknowledging,or minor works that the IP holders don't consider canon against the fanbase's wishes.

"On a separate note if you believe anything in my previous comments qualifies as trying to “force a narrative” please point it out."
The fact that we're having this debate in the first place?I said I didn't consider EQG canon,and here we are.Also your first paragraph kinda works against you there.

Sunset is Best Girl
@Dortigaunt the Invincible

That’s called arrogance. Yeah people are free to pick and choose what they want to be ‘official’ or ‘the main story’. But when there are clear lines separating different types of products in an IP and people consistently ignore them. That’s where you get to a point where you’re acting on a very self serving and close minded perspective. What’s worse is, in extreme cases, you cut yourself off from other perspectives and everyone that has them.

On a separate note if you believe anything in my previous comments qualifies as trying to “force a narrative” please point it out. All I’ve done so far is express my surprise that certain perspectives in the community still persist and then state the existence of simple alternative. Leaving the door open for anyone interested to ask me to explain further.

Sunset is Best Girl
@Background Pony #AF06

It surprises me that even to this day they are still some people who don’t think that any of the EQG media is canon.

The first 4 movies and even some of the shorts have clear spots in the shows timeline when you put them next to each other.

That said I have met quite a few people who are shocked when I tell them the show has been still going, and it did not end after Season 3 or 4.