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Again the spell didn't work that well. But don't worry! She will turn back in a couple of days.
Meantime, she can very nicely hug relatives! And yes, she was not very upset)
safe1585829 artist:mailner108 princess flurry heart6376 twilight sparkle283694 alicorn199453 lamia1806 original species21875 snake pony541 semi-anthro10815 aunt and niece379 belly button68810 best aunt ever39 child1850 coils962 cute181130 fangs21833 forced smile253 forked tongue922 grin33387 hooves16439 lamiafied268 leonine tail7182 ophidiophobia26 redesign1826 scared9431 slit eyes3987 smiling217995 snake eyes144 species swap17620 spell gone wrong300 tongue out91737 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116175 unshorn fetlocks21792


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Monde de merde
"This is your niece, Twilight. This is your niece, Twilight. This is your niece, Tw- Oh Celestia, is that her tail?!"