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Again the spell didn’t work that well. But don’t worry! She will turn back in a couple of days.
Meantime, she can very nicely hug relatives! And yes, she was not very upset)
safe (1425388)artist:mailner (93)princess flurry heart (5508)twilight sparkle (259613)alicorn (162580)lamia (1493)original species (18260)semi-anthro (9475)snake pony (400)aunt and niece (289)best aunt ever (38)child (1690)coils (738)cute (147887)fangs (17631)fluffy hooves (63)grin (27914)hooves (14664)lamiafied (146)leonine tail (5830)redesign (961)slit eyes (3063)smiling (182552)snake eyes (123)species swap (15735)spell gone wrong (253)tongue out (75556)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101533)


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