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explicit312589 grimdark29678 artist:rambon7247 apple bloom46161 scootaloo48799 sweetie belle46252 equestria girls177153 anus85934 armpits41142 barefoot23789 belly button65976 breasts234466 busty sweetie belle1735 clothed female nude female2410 clothes400475 corpse729 cutie mark crusaders17509 dead3746 face down ass up7056 faceless female1306 feet33813 female878571 fetish34245 legs in air3366 morgue47 necrophilia498 nipples139956 nudity328070 offscreen character28707 older22521 older apple bloom1568 older scootaloo1578 older sweetie belle1712 panties45393 panties around legs2162 panties pulled down3429 pubic hair6849 spread pussy3136 teenager4204 tongue out88459 uncensored151 underwear54295 undressing4552 vagina45399 vulva110038


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Background Pony #7267
art is a representation of our reality
somewhere in this world

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Background Pony #3D88
If Sweetie and Scoots traded causes of death, I could probably make a joke.
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Background Pony #9A9E
@Background Pony #8F54
Yes and another drawing following this one linked. I'm the commissioner.
Basically this is… let's say "alternativ" story had to change some stuff around for the actual fanfic etc.
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Background Pony #9A9E
@Background Pony #A348
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/407493/8/tales-from-the-canterlot-mortuary/sweet-bloom its a fan-fanfic — unoficial you could say. :P But there will be a proper fanfic for this particular drawing in near future. Only difference is they will be anthro in it.
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