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Update to include one from "Sundae Sundae Sundae".

Season 1: >>1654878
Season 2: >>1644602
Season 3: >>1640702
Season 4: >>1640703
Season 5: >>1640706
Season 6: >>1648882
Season 7: >>1529347 and >>1574351
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1829045 and You Are Here
Movie: >>1837742
safe1597331 screencap208160 alice the reindeer134 applejack161018 aurora the reindeer90 autumn blaze3439 big macintosh26862 butternut42 cozy glow6529 cranky doodle donkey931 fluttershy201081 gallus6046 marble pie6079 matilda471 oak nut34 ocellus4745 pinkie pie205665 prince rutherford698 rainbow dash222143 rarity172191 silverstream5509 spike74971 sugar belle2829 twilight sparkle285670 alicorn202040 changedling7518 changeling41926 classical hippogriff4559 donkey1657 dragon49588 earth pony209846 griffon24717 hippogriff8576 kirin7150 pegasus251172 pony867001 unicorn277916 yak4104 best gift ever2237 hearth's warming shorts95 school raze2212 season 8810 sounds of silence3249 sundae sundae sundae100 triple pony dare ya86 what lies beneath1492 spoiler:interseason shorts826 alternate hairstyle25157 animated93346 blushing179445 boop6877 boop compilation16 clothes418600 eye contact6154 female1270636 filly60547 frown21648 gif28478 glare8009 gritted teeth10626 grove of the gift givers7 heartbreak613 heartbroken marble82 lidded eyes27609 looking at each other17311 male337629 mare431392 mistletoe1577 nose wrinkle2846 noseboop2583 personal space invasion714 ponyville5234 raised hoof39930 scarf21177 shipping185945 side chick71 space invaders30 squee1923 squishy cheeks2143 straight126019 sugarmac698 supercut68 sweet acorn orchard20 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117085 wall of tags2589 wide eyes16191 wig820 winter clothes39


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