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suggestive (112896)artist:raridashdoodles (312)fluttershy (183857)rainbow dash (203583)rarity (157351)twilight sparkle (259966)alicorn (162982)pony (694556)ancient wonderbolts uniform (326)blushing (153530)book (27008)clothes (354952)female (758209)hat (64573)imminent spanking (155)implied spanking (88)lesbian (81668)outfit (891)paper (2596)raridash (1775)raridash writing contest (10)riding crop (1538)sgt. rarity (239)shipping (164111)shocked (4746)spanking (2227)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101765)uniform (7636)whip (1387)


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Background Pony #4C55
Twilight look Fluttershy with big surprise eyes to fond she a make a epic Raridash love story, twilight be so speechless, all she do give fluttershy a note S+
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@Background Pony #FD05
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I couldn’t help but notice that as the pictures went along, Twilight and the typewriter got farther away and she got more and more tired.

Nice little detail that only shows when you look at them in order.
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