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I made this for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. I was so very happy with how it turned out. :3
safe (1360873)artist:saviorassassin1996 (7)fluttershy (175733)bipedal (25945)cute (136332)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2287)female (697368)heart (35880)hearts and hooves day (1744)holding (1703)holiday (10368)hoof hold (5483)irl (58136)kindness (135)lidded eyes (16521)lined paper (3565)looking at you (112011)mare (304263)monochrome (130213)pegasus (168780)pencil drawing (6103)photo (64248)pony (637460)shyabetes (8502)smiling (170647)solo (837523)spread wings (38523)text (37149)traditional art (91049)valentine's day (2541)wings (45689)

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