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Okay, I guess I finished :D
Thank you for the 120+ followers!! ;w;
This idea for the art gave me @SteppeEagle_ :D
And it's kinda fan art of animation 'The Forest' by @Alumx_mlp xD
safe1750793 artist:chibadeer335 princess celestia96766 frog657 pony1010746 concerned854 drool25709 drool string5866 female1402124 forest10559 implied drug use115 licking20860 sitting65599 solo1094512 spread wings57079 sweat27647 tongue out108289 wat19472 wide eyes17396 wings123153


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Background Pony #637B
Frog: "excuse me miss but I'm not the kind of frog you get high from licking"

"Oh ok… wait, frogs don't talk"

"Fuck, she's on to me"
Background Pony #7F4D
@Goddess Erosia
does this count as implied drug use? Because she looks like she's hallucinating.
"Luna, you little liar! This thing doesn't taste anything like caaaakkkkkkk I cAN tAste PurPLE!"