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safe1599356 screencap208686 big macintosh26876 feather bangs519 glamor trot29 smooth vibes31 stereo mix24 earth pony210409 pony868437 hard to say anything783 afro625 angry24651 backup dancers69 backwards ballcap789 baseball cap1833 battle for sugar belle34 cap3852 clothes419289 confrontation225 cutie mark42894 dancing7718 death stare226 hat78261 hooves16628 interrupted142 lighting348 lightning2892 male338163 rivalry227 shirt22007 song952 stage2801 stallion95787 stare down86


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All I can think is how fortunate for frosted flakes that Big Mac wasn't going to resort to violence after he got bodychecked. I can see that scene going south for mr pretty boy VERY quickly.