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So these are a bit out of context but I was encouraged to just throw my ships to the wind and darnit so I shall.

This was also meant to be done around valentines but better late than never, right?

Twiggy x Ripper:

Ripper has been starved of like-minded genuine affection for so long that he constantly showers his boyfriend in luxurious gifts and cuddles. Twiggy keeps persisting he's a simple farmboy who don't need this much, well… stuff, but alas deep down he is really enjoying all of the attention.

Honey x Noctis:

Honey is the only pony Noctis is calm enough around to just be her normal goofy self, but that doesn't mean she don't enjoy the quiet moments they share as well.
It took a little while for Honey to get used to the third eye, now she just thinks it's cute.

Petit x Velvet:

Velvet can't keep cool around her tiny girl when she's all dolled up. She often contemplates how she became so lucky as to getting herself both a handsome stallion and a stunning mare in one fun sized package.
Petit deeply appreciates Velvet letting him dress her up and then join him for a fundraiser. All of Canterlot should be jelous.

Inkwell x Bumble:

Okay so this one isn't 100 % confirmed canon, but it is a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

The two boys have grown up. Hopefully becoming a little wiser and with Inkwell getting a whole lot more humble along the way. They now possess huge man crushes for one another. Inkwell isn't in the best of shape most days but his fluffy pigeon man is always there to pick him right back up and get his ass into bed.

Might elaborate more at a later point.

I will also be making more of these small ships that pop into my head, usually like this one with 4 tiny couple piles.
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