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safe (1413418)screencap (170915)tree of harmony (591)the beginning of the end (1704)what lies beneath (1331)spoiler:s09e02 (987)alicorn (159925)c: (1085)crystal (1929)dark crystal (178)destruction (1133)f (61)female (746801)hilarious in hindsight (2788)implied twilight sparkle (1274)mare (327738)meme (72955)pony (677984)press f to pay respects (24)rest in peace (260)shattered (98)smiling (180314)sparkles (3285)treelight sparkle (182)wide eyes (14099)

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Background Pony #C49D
Don’t count her out yet…remember, Twilight’s castle was spawned from the Tree Of Harmony, and there are extensions of the tree of Harmony under the school!
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Background Pony #AAA3
NO , her soul is go under the school of friendship and the Castle of Friendship! yes her main body is destroy but her soul is tie to the castle of twilight and the school of friendship! plus the spirit of harmony is tie to all who got a connetion from the elemant of harmony! so is a part of the mane six and the student six! so magic of friendship will not die this easy!
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