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Well people here it is, the winning sketch now fully colored and painted.
And I took the extra time to create another version where she is wearing a completely different bikini, which I am posting first on my Patreon right here   www.patreon.com/posts/24977487
And that version plus this one will also be available in HD and 4K resolutions, plus the source PSD file, next week at the beginning of the new month, so throw me a dollar or three if you wished to get those versions too!
safe (1428227)artist:raikoh (882)sunset shimmer (50624)equestria girls (159523)equestria girls series (23773)abs (7526)beach babe (457)belly button (59666)bikini (13729)bikini top (1099)clothes (355401)colored pupils (7517)cute (148343)female (759296)grin (28015)lidded eyes (18650)looking at you (120356)midriff (16246)sarong (596)shimmerbetes (3408)sleeveless (2425)smiling (183012)smirk (9247)solo (875418)stairs (1257)summer sunset (161)swimsuit (20903)toned (145)


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