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why did i make this
safe1751166 pinkie pie220269 earth pony266205 pony1011191 :c572 apology cake26 bipedal36230 cake10088 clone2846 covering face152 cupcake5555 cursed image742 dab416 dank memes294 emoji926 eyes closed98168 facehoof1779 female1402444 floppy ears54548 food73004 frown23581 grin40970 happy birthday1286 hoof hold8619 lidded eyes31817 looking at you175780 mare502470 multeity2289 pinkie being pinkie1320 pinkie physics456 sad25074 sideways1114 simple background409358 smiling261182 smirk13027 stamp of forgiveness22 static281 text62223 wat19473 🅱69 👌93 😂56


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