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safe (1428227)artist:danmakuman (1008)sunset shimmer (50624)human (130710)equestria girls (159523)absurd resolution (61313)armpits (35542)barefoot (21568)capoeira (19)clothes (355401)cloud (28460)commission (40579)cutie mark on clothes (616)feet (29514)female (759296)grass (6873)humanized (87990)martial arts (266)open mouth (104089)pants (9768)sky (9431)solo (875418)tanktop (5871)training (265)


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #3B3B
We will never see real fights in any cartoon becuz it might offend someone. Becuz of that we dont get to see these gitls at their best. Otherwise we could have seen Sunset or pinkie doing capoeira or whatever.
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Background Pony #19F4
Eqg would definitely be better if we could see some real fights. Id like to know which style they all use
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