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Once again Twilight’s science experiments have gone awry, but this time, seems Spike quite likes the results  XD

suggestive (106589)artist:coffee-draws (3)sci-twi (16973)spike (63481)twilight sparkle (247787)equestria girls (148177)equestria girls series (19008)anthro (188607)ass up (903)blushing (144756)breasts (186759)canines (20)clothes (332503)dog (6792)estrus (1204)face down ass up (5752)female (694536)feral (147)furry (3395)heart eyes (10620)imminent sex (3756)implied bestiality (265)male (234995)panties (39465)purple underwear (1664)scitwispike (30)shipping (153546)species swap (14564)speech change (41)spike the dog (2181)straight (103409)this will end in snu snu (222)transformation (7358)twilight barkle (132)twispike (1436)underwear (46933)wingding eyes (14548)


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