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Here is Applejack who is showing her huge apples to Caramel. Well i dont have so much to say about this.

Applejack and Caramel belongs to Hasbro
suggestive145566 artist:optimario942 applejack171576 caramel2529 anthro264867 absolute cleavage3573 apple16521 bedroom eyes60339 between breasts890 big breasts83897 blue background5301 breasts283698 busty applejack10657 carajack428 cleavage35145 deviantart watermark3376 female1382257 floating heart2744 food71559 front knot midriff1394 heart49210 heart eyes17101 huge breasts39045 hyper10599 hyper breasts4774 impossibly large breasts17034 male380546 midriff19584 obtrusive watermark4748 shipping202997 simple background401510 spherical breasts186 straight138443 terrible80 watermark16592 wingding eyes22888


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