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Ball of violence
safe (1428182)edit (99023)edited screencap (44248)screencap (174485)ocellus (3510)queen chrysalis (29317)smolder (5031)changedling (5840)changeling (32385)changeling queen (7772)pony (697294)what lies beneath (1362)adorkable (2467)angry (19994)anxiety (152)awkward (809)bad poker face (54)caption (13675)cropped (34888)cute (148336)cutealis (1000)dialogue (50612)disguise (3123)disguised changeling (1786)dork (2661)dorkalis (135)duo (39101)faic (10348)fangs (17687)fear (781)female (759270)flying (29907)frown (19584)giggling (626)image macro (33121)imminent death (1675)implied chrysalis (148)intimidating (124)laughing (6141)mare (334776)menacing (268)nervous (4368)nervous laugh (83)nervous smile (149)nightmare cave (167)open mouth (104082)raised hoof (32047)scared (7884)shrunken pupils (1801)silly (6435)silly pony (2650)size difference (10626)smiling (183006)smolder is not amused (80)spread wings (40940)standing (8224)text (40540)the implications are horrible (201)this will end in death (1699)this will end in pain (1453)this will end in tears (2644)this will end in tears and/or death (1905)what if (87)wide eyes (14283)wings (52886)worried (2827)

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"You can forgive me for turning into your mother, seducing your father, and causing your entire family to break up, can’t you? I mean, I’ve done that for laughs so many times."
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