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Normally I would have just left this alone on tumblr, but with the recent hit that the tumblrverse has taken, I really don’t want this to be forgotten. So here is the "707" edit for those that like that color scheme applied to our favorite punny horse. Think of this as her Mind’s eye, how she envisions herself, branded by the Killer Joke and the seal to keep it safe. (I found the original image on my computer. Enjoy the larger size!)

The original by Gashiboka, for reference:
suggestive (108965)artist:gashiboka (595)edit (91465)editor:xujints-the-infiltrator (2)oc (501719)oc only (352794)oc:pun (867)alternate cutie mark (1040)body pillow (2746)body pillow design (1701)both cutie marks (7638)earth pony (134260)female (710814)looking at you (114086)pony (650303)slit eyes (2663)solo (847438)underhoof (39687)

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