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safe1602881 edit121896 edited screencap58798 editor:lolledits32 screencap209280 twilight sparkle286471 alicorn203266 pony871267 the cutie map4019 :p7558 :t3616 adorkable3288 animated93573 behaving like a bird561 blep edit15 cropped46403 cute184109 daaaaaaaaaaaw3278 dork3539 feather ruffle8 female1275164 gif28592 hnnng2302 looking up14536 mare433937 nervous5191 puffy cheeks3604 raspberry913 ruffling wings7 silly7054 silly pony2864 smiling221668 solo994124 spittle102 tongue out93510 twiabetes10701 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117490 weapons-grade cute3338 wing fluff1472 wing twitch24 wings84865


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