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More DJ Acid?

More DJ Acid.
explicit (286628)artist:angelthecatgirl (96)oc (534002)oc:dj acid (78)oc only (368183)oc:pixie (57)anthro (203931)balls (58959)breasts (209054)cock vore (616)cum (65774)cum transformation (150)digestion (2541)fetish (30470)futa (37825)futa oc (1796)giantess (3074)hyper (6686)implied digestion (418)impossibly large balls (5047)impossibly large penis (10055)intersex (35418)macro (9288)multiple prey (639)nipples (122224)nudity (299449)penis (123560)vore (12367)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Fetish picture on website this morning, Cock vore by DJ Acid. This site is afraid of it. I have seen its true face. The pics are cutesy gutters and the gutters are full of sparkles and when the drains finally overflow, all the fetish artists post. The accumulated filth of all their puppies and rainbows will foam up about their waists and all the artists and users will look up and shout "Downvote!"… and I’ll whisper "Unf."
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That DJ Pony
@Gentle Coltte of Leisure

Like I give a fuck. I’m some internet guy that none of you assholes are ever gonna meet.

And you miiight know me already.

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That DJ Pony
The artist said "Forgot to post this one. This is one of my fave sketch commissions so far. c:"

Which makes me happy. Because I might have been the one who commissioned it. Enjoy, those who share my fetishes. I’m surprised you even got it up before me, GC.

I like to think she has radio shows where she just eats people live. Oh hey, pack of fangirls, wanna see my studio? Of course you do. Nom, gulp gulp, burp.

Yeah, I’m fucked up, I know it. Fetishes, man.
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