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ShimmerCode AS Markiplier In I AM BREAD!
safe (1427909)artist:deathnyan (75)artist:the-butch-x (1244)edit (98979)sunset shimmer (50610)human (130668)equestria girls (159485)equestria girls series (23762)game stream (484)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8397)angry (19989)bread (1067)clothes (355290)crossover (52963)door (3129)edited edit (1964)edited template (2)fake screencap (284)female (759001)floor (210)food (51022)frazzled hair (18)frown (19575)gamer sunset (350)headset (1067)holding (1892)i am bread (7)indoors (1481)ironing board (2)jacket (8742)laying on floor (26)leather jacket (2506)livestream (326)lying down (7843)meme (73407)numbers (128)percent (4)rage (1236)rage face (376)red face (165)self paradox (888)self ponidox (6205)shimmercode (64)shirt (17153)solo (875145)sunbread shimmer (4)sunset gamer (328)sunset shimmer dressing up as food (25)sunset shimmer frustrated at game (225)symbol (303)teeth (6402)template (1325)time (84)timer (74)video game (4013)video game controller (233)wall of tags (1775)woman (261)youtube (2035)youtuber (144)

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"I don’t- I don’t care. I really don’t care. I just don- I don’t wanna play this anym- I- F-" BANG SMASH CRASH
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