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safe1589368 artist:amarynceus3 princess luna94455 twilight sparkle284843 alicorn198179 classical unicorn3861 pony856453 seagull177 boat1252 cloven hooves9032 cute180924 female933546 flag3499 floppy ears46888 fluffy13009 freckles25640 glowing horn16911 grin33428 hoof fluff1197 hug25696 leg fluff2534 leonine tail7383 lesbian92592 lifejacket1344 literal shipping53 lunabetes3207 magic66564 mare421231 ocean5450 sailboat69 sailing45 shipping185693 sitting55845 smiling218543 snuggling6468 telekinesis24934 twiabetes10451 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116256 twiluna1525 unshorn fetlocks22280 water11535 wing fluff1455