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Day 2 of the Equestria Winter Games has concluded! It was the day of the Stacking Race and the Foal Ice Curling and Team Cloudsdale came in second in the first Stacking Race, achieved the crowning 1st Place in the early session of the Foal Ice Curling and made it to 2nd Place in the late session!

Today is the last day of the Equestria Winter Games and for the Grand Finale, the Ice Skating Races in Ponyville/Ponydale will happen, with an early race at 7PM GMT/2PM EST/1PM CST/12PM MST/11AM PST and a late race at 10PM GMT/5PM EST/4PM CST/3PM MST/2PM PST!
After this, the Closing Ceremony of the 1st Equestria Winter Games will be held in the Crystal Empire/Crystal Kingdom Stadium!

Team Ponyville took the opportunity for some last practicing, as well, represented in the first Stacking Race by Pinkie Pie and two of her clones. It is to question if Pinkie Pie really would have needed partners, though, as her physics-defying powers worked nicely during the training. But rules are rules, so her clones had to be there.
safe (1461599)pinkie pie (192452)oc (541720)oc:breeze (loe) (1)earth pony (158928)pegasus (199063)pony (726893)clothes (367032)cloudiseum (44)cloudopolis (11)cloudsdale (1128)colosseum (37)equestria winter games (24)equestria winter games 2019 (24)female (788523)game (3048)game screencap (1167)hat (67293)headphones (6032)horizontal striped socks (loe) (18)legends of equestria (546)mare (352956)mmorpg (46)npc (42)npc:breeze (1)pillar (286)pinkie clone (409)socks (50630)stacking race (8)stadium (216)top hat (3339)video game (4257)

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