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One of a trifecta of fragmentary alters born during Fluttershy’s stressful and horrifying time as Photo Finish’s model and photographic muse. Miss Abyss is the one member of this trio who identifies as a Pegasus, and sometimes flies just to feel like how all existence is: just empty space surrounding a small pittance of actual matter. She genuinely believes in all of the fatalist and nihilist views which she espouses, how everything began in the dark and will one day go back to the dark, so why even turn an eye to the light? Fluttershy’s bookshelf has a fair few books which Miss herself purchased, as well as some books of poetry that she wrote herself. Her poetry, which she uses to vent her hopelessly one-sided love for Rainbow Dash, is honestly quite depressing and could even bring down Pinkie Pie on a good day.
safe (1427686)artist:amrasfelagund (40)fluttershy (183979)pony (695207)alternate hairstyle (21256)dyed hair (61)dyed mane (202)dyed tail (44)emoshy (296)eyeshadow (10464)floppy ears (41264)friendship is magic: the next generation (31)hair over one eye (6914)headcanon in the description (53)makeup (14063)simple background (290399)solo (875036)transparent background (151652)


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