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Somnambula found her RADIANT HOPE!… Sorry for the pun. ^^’

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15 comments posted
Background Pony #F1B1
@cheng weng hoe
She’s not cannon to the show. I didn’t say you can’t like her, also learn better grammmer, you come across as a five year old in most of your posts. Some of which have been deleted because of your spamming.

But anyways, her not being cannon in the show is a good thing, because it lets the comics be their own thing, and that means she can reappear in the comics, just not the show,
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Background Pony #2761
is too bad she not a true canon character! if be she will be see in the show but dont! the comic is 95% is a other dimension of a other equestria who is not from the tv show or movie! if she really canon sombra will be reform but he not!