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Somnambula found her RADIANT HOPE!… Sorry for the pun. ^^’

safe (1355573)artist:jhayarr23 (559)radiant hope (374)somnambula (1277)idw (12121)absurd res (60171)clothes (331967)crystal pony (3422)cute (135227)duo (35566)duo female (5342)eyeliner (625)eyeshadow (9178)female (693408)friendshipping (373)glowpaz (90)hopabetes (8)hope (59)hug (21191)idw showified (286)looking at you (111391)makeup (12408)mare (302249)pegasus (167423)pony (632827)see-through (3579)show accurate (7186)simple background (272062)smiling (169843)somnambetes (92)sweet dreams fuel (418)transparent background (142974)unicorn (177822)vector (63448)


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Background Pony #2761
is too bad she not a true canon character! if be she will be see in the show but dont! the comic is 95% is a other dimension of a other equestria who is not from the tv show or movie! if she really canon sombra will be reform but he not!