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Fluttershy is a very sweet mare, though still quite introverted and still much preferring the company of her animal friends to that of her own kind. She dedicates herself to taking care of every animal left in her care at the Healing Cottage as if it were her own. Beneath all of this softness is a mare of steel, as she will not tolerate any meaningless cruelty, and if you insult or hurt her friends, out comes The Stare.
New Fluttershy was born from the trauma of Fluttershy’s victimization at bullying back in Cloudsdale, as her parents and brother were respectively too passive or too self-absorbed to do anything to protect her. As such, New Fluttershy is very defensive of Fluttershy, quite proactively at that (as was seen when she took the reins in Putting Your Hoof Down). She has little problem with flying compared to Fluttershy, often using it to assert her dominance.
The Bat craves apples and sustenance through their juices. She has very little attachment to anything else, and will act in her own self-defense by trying to scare off others. Fluttershy actually let The Bat take the lead in some of her scares in Scare Master, but took control again when she saw how scared her friends were. The Bat’s sole attachment to another pony is to Whirlwind when his vampiric other side takes over.
Severe Swallowtail fancies herself a high-class fancy Canterlotian Unicorn, and carries herself as such. She is not as knowledgeable about haute-couture fashion as she imagines, but is very canny at bluffing the appearance of such. She doesn’t fly because she sees herself as a Unicorn, so she tends to use her wings more as hands and sees it as using Unicorn magic for basic telekinesis.
Valencia is a trendy West Coast Earth Pony… so she sees herself. She is frankly quite vapid and will drop very current terms to try to appear on the cusp of the latest cultural trends. She never flies, but unlike Swallowtail, she never uses Fluttershy’s wings by dint of identifying as an Earth Pony.
In contrast to Fluttershy’s other two fashionista alters, Miss Abyss is actually quite knowledgeable about the dark and pessimistic side of pony culture. A good many shelves on Fluttershy’s bookcase are dedicated to Miss’s fatalistic outlook, both from the bookstore and her own poetry. Identifying as a Pegasus, she can indeed fly when she is the dominant personality, saying that it allows her to feel more like how everything is: mostly empty space with almost no matter in between.
safe (1431293)artist:amrasfelagund (40)fluttershy (184404)bat pony (35918)pony (699879)adjusting glasses (15)alternate hairstyle (21314)bat ponified (1534)dissociative identity disorder (6)dyed hair (61)dyed mane (203)dyed tail (44)emoshy (296)eyeshadow (10512)fangs (17768)floppy ears (41391)flutterbat (6068)fluttergoth (534)friendship is magic: the next generation (31)glasses (47094)hair bun (2262)hair over one eye (6925)headcanon in the description (53)hipstershy (242)makeup (14125)multeity (1639)multiple personality (38)new fluttershy (30)race swap (10933)raised eyebrow (5397)raised hoof (32151)self ponidox (6233)severeshy (231)simple background (291398)split personality (45)spread wings (41135)tail bun (243)transparent background (152110)


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