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Featuring Fluttershy. (Now Guest Starring Rarity)

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explicit327782 artist:thebigbadwolf01302 big macintosh27107 fluttershy203220 rarity173941 earth pony216681 pegasus258019 unicorn286047 anthro240684 comic:big mac's hindquarter pounder33 2 handfuls of dem hips1435 abs9909 ass44850 beckoning532 big macintosh gets all the mares318 blushing182921 blushing profusely1785 bottomless12772 breasts254842 busty fluttershy15899 caught3086 clothed sex2481 clothes426857 comic103441 dialogue61081 exclamation point3465 eyes closed84269 female1287718 flutterbutt4544 fluttermac2729 freckles26274 from behind12274 funny porn1077 funny sex6 gloves18270 grass8734 great macintosh207 hat79697 implied rarimac23 implied shipping4567 implied straight5191 interrobang902 large butt14404 lip bite10827 male344527 masturbation17625 muscles10752 no panties2023 no pants193 nudity344353 partial nudity18480 penetration52496 question mark4173 sex111595 shipping188631 shirt22467 skirt37106 smiling224977 straight128038 straw in mouth906 torn clothes4475 tree29270 upskirt5525 vaginal36183 voyeurism2088 vulgar19689 vulva117437 wild sex4


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26 comments posted

As the chance rarity was to have heard moans and screams before going to investigate when she caught big mac doing flutter-shy when the chance rarity was aroused as she believed to join in turning the scene into a threesome.

Well, I expressed myself that way by not finding a better way to describe the comic, because you know, are these types of comics where the characters pass epically from the "common sense" and are carried away by the carnal impulses, ie , if it were Fluttershy's decision to wear very thin clothes, it is still not likely that she would react so positively if by surprise someone appeared and casually fucked her.
Background Pony #A323
>actually debating about storyline in a porn comic
you need to read more hentai dojins
Background Pony #7653
I don't think any universe would make sense with this comic. Unless its an universe of horny rabbits who don't care about std's or adultery or even consent.
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Silver Dis-Astḗr
@Background Pony #3DF1
It is that this is one of his comics where basically "common sense" is left aside, so it does not matter much what would be the correct behavior of the characters.

I disagree with the idea that "there is no common sense" in this kind of porn comics. Specially those that are clearly not set "in normal Equestria" (where the "rules" for allowed behaviors & situations may be completely different).

For example, here they are a type of "unguligrade anthro" (check Fluttershy´s legs when she was flying ); not ponies or even the "Equestria Girls" version [so the rules for NOT using certain clothes (specially while inside the property of BigMac) may be both an "invitation" and/or just a comfort choice made by Fluttershy).

Rarity is actually the one that is "closer in character" to her canon counterpart; as she seems unable to JUST SAY what she really wants [so if anyone says anything about it later, she can retort "I never said THAT" (hence the use of a silent movement to answer BigMac´s question)].
Background Pony #0553
Anyone else beginning to feel like this is a pitiful way to spend one’s time? Just me?

@Lucky Shot
The series is actually "Tv-Y Public pre-child: children under 6 years". I would like it to be "TV PG" or "Tv 14". In any case I doubt very much that Rarity was a whore even if the classification by age of the series was increased.

@Background Pony #3DF1
It is true that Big Mac does not act in this way, but it is possible that he visualizes himself in his mind by being so assertive as to do this at some point in his life. haha
Background Pony #7653
@Lucky Shot
Its more that hardly any comics beside some sparity or rarijack porn comics really translate a chracter at all. And its not that they must be 100% accurate(because obviously it would just mean Big Mac would be constantly only depicted with Sugar Belle from now on or that Fluttershy would hardly score at all with Discord around) but they should try to make them act as those characters and not just look like them. And to be honest, in most of them you could replace each character with any other or even with OC's because all of them act as generic slut from a hentai. And yeah, Big Mac is not even remotely close to his self. So yeah, in a nutshell its like looking up porn of Wonder Woman but you ending up with someone acting like Harley Quinn dressed as Wonder Woman.
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@Joseph Raszagal

BP's entire point is that artists who treat porn as "just porn" and don't put any effort into legitimate sexuality as opposed to uncanny rape fantasies are lame.

I kind of agree, but this is half-and-half. Fluttershy is very abashed and the only reason horny pre-MILF Rarity isn't exactly like this in the show is because it's PG11. Macintosh isn't this forward, though, that's true.
Background Pony #7653
I guess. For me it's less hot when the characters aren't authentic. It feels like that Little Porny live action porn. They are dressed like characters but its all just a big cheese and you don't really see characters there but only a cosplay. Theres a lot of porn comic like that because usually artists just take commisions on tv shows that they haven't seen or are based on first 2 episodes.
Background Pony #7653
Feel like this is one of the artists who only saw S1 or less, the characters only look like from this show but don't act like them.

You naughty mare. Don't hide your desires ny longer. Get a turn on the big guy. Maybe he'll do far better than those digits between your pussy lips. 😊😘