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Commission for Kinoshasecurity! Thanks dude!
semi-grimdark (23474)artist:the-minuscule-task (339)oc (500418)oc:kinosha (1)oc only (352215)anthro (191407)anthro oc (24115)anti-materiel rifle (34)blood splatter (43)boots (15111)breasts (190347)broken glass (168)city (2945)cityscape (359)clothes (337988)commission (37618)female (708716)fingerless gloves (3087)futuristic (185)gloves (13396)gun (11803)leaning (2622)looking at you (113782)mare (310302)pegasus (172371)rifle (2830)shoes (22040)skintight clothes (562)solo (845869)thigh boots (501)weapon (21604)


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Task used a variety of reference images I gave him, as well as doing his own research into post-apocalyptic-future cities in order to pull off what you see now in the background; a stellar job if I may say so myself!
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Time to make my own white pegasus OC with pink hair.

Damn nice work on that background, task. Did you use references for building design variety?
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The Minuscule Task
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Nudists & Bat Pones
@Background Pony #B32C

I’d like to clarify that the character has not been stolen.

The design for her was actually done at the time of the drawing’s creation, in addition to the attire, which is based on a design from a game. As KinoshaSecurity stated, they may bear a resemblance color-wise, but as far as physical appearance goes, there is not so much to go off.
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@Background Pony #B32C
Stolen? I’m afraid not! Whilst the two may have the similarities in colour, I can assure you that they are nothing like one another; different hair styles, and the fact that this character is in an entirely different universe are what separates them from one another.

Please avoid baseless accusations of stealing, when the only comparison that you have is that they look similar because of their colours.