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Artist's description from DA:
Gilda is the drummer in Rainbow Dash's band, the Rainbooms. Forever teetering on bouts of rage and well known for smashing equipment (whether or not a cheering crowd is offering encouragement), Gilda constantly argues with Dash and picks on poor kindhearted Lyra. I guess the griffon is a good drummer, but Dash could probably find another one that's just as talented and less likely to eat the bassist. So why keep her around?

Well…it's complicated. Rainbow might not talk about it, but she feels a good deal of gratitude to the big mean bird. Some time ago, the Rainbooms were partying at a bar and somebody tampered with Dash's drink for unscrupulous purposes. Gilda caught wind, and while nocreature would accuse her of being a nice chick, such an act of vicious cowardice was not going to fly with this griffon. Pictured above is Gilda about to lay down some physical and mental scars on Dash's would-be attacker.

Yeah, the perpetrator survived. Maybe they even learned a lesson. Maybe? They probably at least learned not to go to bars that entertain griffons…

mlp:fim = Hasbro/Faust

If you're just now joining us, only JG equines are anthro. They call it equipomorphic. Someday you'll get lore. In before #thatsracist

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Background Pony #8F55
Pffffft, not the least bit scary. Nothing is more terrifying than humans. Gilda just looks ridiculous