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As in mime bimbo~

The benefit of being a mime? Invisible walls wherever you want them~

Art commission done by kloudmutt

Anyways here's Izzy in a more…risky pose. She sure is using her invisible wall building well XD
suggestive148309 alternate version49722 artist:kloudmutt2856 oc711385 oc:isabelle incraft39 oc:izzy64 earth pony265591 anthro269384 against glass1426 anthro oc30756 areola19058 belly button81182 beret2008 big breasts85917 big lips782 bimbo4636 black lipstick329 black nipples9 breasts288487 cleavage35618 clothes475612 eyeliner1070 eyeshadow16547 female1401048 fourth wall2258 glass4806 hat90248 huge breasts39953 impossibly large breasts17345 lipstick11629 makeup22782 midriff19832 mime190 monochrome152284 socks68502 solo1093765 solo female183609 stockings34182 thigh highs38133 wide hips18251


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